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Plagiarism can be said to be the act of taking another persons writing, conversation, song or even
an idea and passing it as your own. this ideas and other peoples knowledge may include information from the web pages, books, songs, television shows, email messages, interviews, articles, art works or any other medium, plagiarism may also referred to as pirate or stealing peoples ideas and thoughts.

However whenever one paraphrase, summarise or take words, phrases or sentences from another persons work, it is important and necessary to indicate the source of information within where the text was obtained. Failure to properly quote, cite or acknowledge someone else’s words or ideas with an internal citation is also plagiarism.

Plagiarism is one of the most frequent and serious forms of misconduct in academic
environment, looking at some of the attitudes portrayed mostly by the students I can conclude
that students attitude reflect insufficient level of seriousness and awareness with which
plagiarism is perceived, they tend to lack knowledge on scientific methodology, academic and
scientific miss conduct. it is however observable tat lack of knowledge of academic integrity is
followed by lack of competences on methodology and writing skills, therefore students feel using
other peoples work is un avoidable, direct translation from a foreign language is acceptable and
copying statements from previously published papers is justified.

Plagiarism by students is a serious problem in colleges in the USA, institution rules for students
conduct sometimes say that plagiarism is an academic offence not a legal offence that may not
necessarily correct in that colleges certainly have the authority to punish plagiarists in various
ways including expulsion from college or revoking a degree earned in part by plagiarism.
Plagiarism is also a legal issue in that, the owner of the copy right i.e. in most cases the true
author could use the plagiarist in federal court for violation of the copy right.

The statutes in California, Illinois and New York were first enacted in 1972, other states enacted
laws after wards. The offence is a misdemeanor, with a typical maximum punishment between two and six months in jail or a fine not to exceed US$ 1000. In theory for example each act of
selling term paper is a separate offence, so a business man who sells 1200 term papers could
receive a consecutive sentence to run for 200 years, at 2 months for each sale.
The statutes in a few states e.g. Colorado, New Jersey and Virginia explicitly give college or
university the rights to request a court enjoin a business from selling term papers e.t.c to its

Students or plagiarism may be avoided in that whenever one uses the words or ideas of another
person in your work, one must acknowledge where they came from. it is important to always
document facts even if one has memorized them to give credibility to the writing.
Also its important for a writer to give credit to another person’s spoken or written words or
paraphrase of another person’s spoken or written words.

There are several tools that institutions may use to detect plagiarism, and this may include
programs that can purchase such as, or There is also free plagiarism detection tools which include cite such as , Lecturers and teachers can copy and paste
blocks of text into this program, the checkers will find possible sources of origination for the
information. A similar process can be done using internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo
and Bing. contains a large data base from multiple sources that may not always show up in
search engine results, in addition to offering plagiarism detection, also includes a
writing process program, peer review program and grading components, students can use write
checks created by turnitin to check their own papers and make sure they have cited their work. also contain large databases of documents and check copy righted material, its
database contains current and archived materials fro numerous sources ,including news
papers, journals, e-books and textbooks. it also helps protect copyrighted materials and will let a
subscriber know whether information is being used without permission.

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