Topic: Intellectual Property Law Problem Question

Paper Specification

‘Beryl Jager is a famous Austrian explorer. For the past five years he has been

working as a mountain ranger employed by the Snowdonia Improvement Association in Snowdonia (a mountain range in Wales). Fed up with being constantly soaked by the never-ending rain he has invented a new rain jacket. The jacket, which he has named

DryRepel, has a distinct flared shape that causes the rain to flow away from the wearer and on to the ground. It also has a zip which, is positioned diagonally across the coat, rather than vertically as is conventional.

While the reason for this is that experiments have showed that this positioning is more effective at keeping the wind out, fashion journalists have heralded the zip as style-led and yet practical and Jager has begun including the slogan ‘DryRepel- look for the slanting zip’ in his advertising.

He is troubled though by one newspaper article that claims that ‘the last time we saw such a wonky zip was on the Drynsafe range of waterproof clothing aimed at dribbly toddlers’.

The lining of the DryRepel has a photograph of Snowdon (the highest mountain in
Snowdonia), taken by Jager, printed on it. At the suggestion of his girlfriend Lisa,
Jager took this photograph at Hafod Eyri, the Snowdon summit visitor centre at 5am just as the sun was rising.

Ever the entrepreneur, Jager is keen to obtain or have recognised as many IP rights as possible (across all possible fields) in the UK in the DryRepel.

Advise Beryl Jager.”

– this question should be answered with regard to copyright, unregistered design rights, trademarks, and patents

Please use the IRAC method (
Each issue/potential right is to be addressed separately
the photograph of Snowdon on the jacket (address)
copyright vs trademark vs design issue
ownership and co-ownership of the IP right
a zip which is positioned diagonally across the coat rather than vertically as is conventional
design vs patent vs trademark issue
the relevant article in the newspaper
ownership of the IP right
Footnotes in OSCOLA style and included in the word count
Answer the question with regards to patents, copyright, unregistered design rights, and trademark

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Law
Pages/words: 10/2500
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: OSCOLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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