Topic: International Corporate Finance and the Law – LWMTCF

  1. Critically analyse the different types of debt and equity instruments that companies can use to obtain financing from the markets.

    2. One of the main concerns when selling a majority stake of shares in a company (but not the totality of the shares) is the fear of being diluted. What options are available to the seller of the majority stake of shares to protect itself from dilution if it retains a stake in the company? Critically discuss.

    3. When entering a corporate acquisition, it is commonly seen that the parties involved will subscribe to a confidentiality agreement. Explain and critically discuss what are the practical difficulties with this type of agreement.

    4. Describe the different stages of due diligence (i.e. pre-due diligence and post-due diligence) in a corporate acquisition. Critically explain the main rationale and risks for carrying out the due diligence.

    5. Critically explain what a leverage buy-out acquisition is and how the financing is commonly structured.

    The writing style and the references to be followed in the essay is OSCOLA.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Law

Pages: 15/4125

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