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Please write a paper that reviews and analyzes one of two sectors: (1) International Development Sector OR (2) The Green Sector. Try to focus on both the domestic and international aspects of the sector. In your paper, please clarify what you consider the sector to be. Useful information for the paper on one the sectors:
I. International Development: a good reference:
This is an important sector around the world. Please note that non-governmental, inter-governmental, governmental and private firms are all active in different ways in social or economic development activities around the world. Please focus mainly on career possibilities and development activities in emerging (or developing economies): focus on activities in Asia, Africa or Latin America.
II. The Green Sector: This is a wide area and can be linked to many concepts behind �a green economy�. �Green� strategies can be found in energy, construction, distribution, or farming. The main focus should be on new business strategies and new career possibilities that are linked to these �green areas�. This is becoming a major competitive area between nations. Indicate what are �green jobs�?

Outline of the Paper

  1. General Overview: general description of the sector, scope of sector activities, main operating focus, general economic & employment impact.
  2. The Structure of the Sector (industry): who are the major players (stakeholders), how is the sector organized (leaders, followers, challengers etc.), any distinct technological, structural, or strategic characteristics.
  3. The International Dimension: how global are sector activities, international distribution of competition, distribution of major stakeholders internationally, major international economic & strategic impact.
  4. Related Sector Employment & Careers: distribution of occupations (entry level, mid-career, top management) in the sector, key education and resource skills needed to succeed, main certifications, best strategies for entry into the sector, prospects for continued employment growth of the sector.
  5. References & Links: indicate references for further research, key links to organizations & web sites.

Number of pages: 6 (Double Spaced)
Number of sources: 1
Order type: Essay
Category: Business
Academic level: Undergraduate
Style: MLA
Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

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