Topic: Intranet Power Point presentation

Task :-

You can create your own presentation or use the Steinbeis template.

The agenda (an example)

1. introduction of yourself and the project sponsor (1 slide)

Short introduction of your project sponsor e.g. with location, turnover, number of employees, etc.

2. initial situation (approx. 1 slide)

What was the initial situation?

3. project order (approx. 1 slide)

How did the project order come about? What was the reason? By whom?

4. implementation of the project and the measures applied (main part, several slides)

How did you implement the project and what was your role?

5. conclusion (approx. 1 slide)

What became of the project? What is the result? What influence does the project have on the company?

6. outlook (approx. 1 slide)

What are the prospects? What impact will the project have on the future?

The agenda is a rough indication of how the presentation can be structured. The additional remarks and questions below are also only rough indications and therefore not complete.

The structure of the presentation

– The title of your thesis is noted on the cover page.

– Please include your name, the current date and the page number in the header or footer so that this information is visible on each slide.

– Please do not include any superfluous effects in the presentation.

– Work with keywords / headwords. Do not include whole sentences or text passages in the slide. You are welcome to insert tables / diagrams or similar for illustration.

– A conclusion with e.g. “Thank you very much for your attention” or similar should be integrated in any case.

General information

No references are necessary in the presentation.

The following is evaluated in the presentation:

– Structure

– Plausibility / explanatory power

– Visualization

– Performance style

– Debate

The presentation should last at least 15 minutes and may not exceed 20 minutes.

If necessary, the examiner will inform you of the end of your speaking time in good time. In order to be able to keep to the schedule for the final colloquium, we ask you to go through the presentation at home in advance so that you can estimate the length of the presentation and adjust it if necessary.

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