Topic: Is Globalization Over? short position paper

Description: The assignment is to write a short position paper. Drawing from research into
one of the key debates about the future of work, you will develop a set of arguments that
supports the position you take. This means you will need a clear thesis stating your position
and a set of arguments based on evidence you gathered through your research.
*This is not a statement of your opinion.
Do not think of this paper as a conversation you might have with a friend or relative
about your ideas. Instead, you are making a clear case for your position on an issue
based on research. If you are not sure whether you are just stating an opinion or
making an argument, ask yourself: Have I supported this claim? How? Does the
evidence support and strengthen my argument?
Due date: .
Approximately 5 pages or 1250words double spaced, 12pt font (do not exceed 6 pages).

  1. Is wage labour becoming a thing of the past?
  2. Will robots replace us?
  3. Is globalization over?
  4. Should we embrace a post-work future?
  5. Are green jobs the answer to climate change?
  6. A topic of your choice (only with approval from Prof. Nastovski)
    Your position paper should be:
    Clear and Concise – Please write clearly, avoid jargon, and use the first person.
    Focused – All parts of the paper should support your overall argument (even discussion of
    opposing arguments). Remove all unnecessary sentences (ask yourself: does this help me to
    develop or support my argument? If not, you can probably get rid of it).
    Well-supported – Arguments need to be supported with evidence (citations to academic
    literature). Ensure that you refer to AT LEAST 5 sources (beyond course readings).
    Do not use Wikipedia. You may use newspaper and magazine articles; however, these do not
    count as academic sources (chapters from academic books or academic journal articles).
    A. An introduction to the debate (about one paragraph)
    B. The statement of your thesis and an outline of the arguments you will make (about
    one paragraph)
    C. Your arguments. The number of arguments you choose to make are up to you.
    However, please ensure you have sufficient evidence to support your claims.
    Sometimes it is better to make fewer arguments that are stronger, more developed,
    and better supported by the evidence (3 to 4 pages)
    D. Conclusion (about one paragraph)
    E. Literature cited (Works Cited or Bibliography)
    You are expected to write grammatically and use an accepted referencing system.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Social Studies
Pages / words-5 / 1250
Number of sources-5
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double

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