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MAX=> 100 words.
RESPONSE: Take a metaphor used by Carr (jet-skier, brain as computer, shallows, depths, cathedral, etc.) and come up with a similar metaphor and a scenario which makes a point about how you (or other people) are effected by the Internet. Make sure not to use the exact same metaphor Carr uses. For instance, where Carr uses a cathedral, you might use a Greek temple, a gurdwara, a mosque, a synagogue, Yankee Stadium, the British Museum, or the downtown Vancouver library. You can use your own experience, create a fictional scenario, or give an explanation. Remember that the response must be in one paragraph and cannot exceed 100 words.

FORMAT: Identify Carr’s metaphor, then put an arrow, then put your metaphor, then write a paragraph using that metaphor to make a point about using the Net. Put the metaphors in bold

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