Topic: IT In Global Competition

Develop a “Knowledge Management Model” that is specific to your organization/industry. In the previous weeks, you have reviewed the relevant IT considerations and strategic actions required to build a tangible model for your firm. In the final assignment, you will formalize your unique model for implementation. Essentially, you will bring all the course elements together in this last assignment. The model should detail the specific, incremental steps/stages for building a knowledge management strategy and be supported with appropriate academic research. Begin with a visual diagram of your model. Specifically, design your model to accomplish three important objectives. First, the model should address the IT infrastructure needs for implementation. Second, the model must include the process by which stakeholder/constituent value is expanded. Finally, the model should discuss how organizational decision-making is improved and core competencies are enhanced. Also, define the requisite steps in implementing the new strategic initiative. Include a 2500-word (minimum) narrative describing your model and how it addresses the elements of the knowledge management that you’ve identified throughout the course.

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Business

Pages: 10/2500

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