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Topic: “Just war is just killing” (Neu): Critically discuss this assessment


Bibliography and referencing ( into the text with Surname of the Author, year, and number of the pages where you picked the information) with Harvard format.

Your critique/position related to the quotation of Neu, JUST MENTIONING his work and his purpose of his thought related always to the quotation. Declare your position, which is OBVIOUSLY against him. How you will support your position, mention how you will critique and what you will talk about and how you will divide or do the framework for your essay.


*Add interesting resources for your position

* Explaining Key concepts:
1. “Just War”
2. “Just Killing”

* Historical background about the use of these two terms:
1. Augustine “Though shalt not kill’? Christian justifications for Just Wars”
2. St.Aquinas (1265-74) “Summa Theologica ‘Is it always a sin to go to war?’”
*Use their purpose and the meaning of their works and How they talk about the “Just War” according to Christianity doctrine.
* Continue explaining Historical context of the use of the term and its initial meaning and purpose.
*Explain the view and the approach of NEU and his aim with hid quotation.


*Add interesting resources for your position

* “Jus Ad Bellum” = conditions for justly going to war
* ” Jus in Bello” = Conditions for justly conducting war
* Critique confirming the positions mentioning. Updating conditions for war: Frowe and Lang 2014


*Add interesting resources for your position
* Connecting to the quotation of NEU, critique it. Have more details about your critique and his attempt and approach to say “Just War , Just Killing”. Compare that to McMahan (2005) “Who can be killed in a just war?” . What justifies “Just Cause”.
* Say your position in details and being against Neu.
* Provide a critique: Against Neu’s quotation. with other critics and theorists and examples and interesting facts.

*Add interesting resources for your position
*Critique being With Neu quotation providing two interesting examples.
* Crique being AGAINST Neu quotation providing two interesting examples.

* Add interesting resources for your position

Use newspapers’ articles , current news, The UNSC article and UN Charter articles ( their position and proposes) to talk about:
1. the justified war and killing.
2. the sate of violence and humanitarian interventions, Responsibility to Protect ( Case study, Syria since 2011: use current journal article, Newspapers+ UNSC conferences ( their decision and the relationships with Russia & China. The ” International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty ( ICISS)
3. America intervenes everywhere for what purpose? Just war or justified war ? Is it right? ( your answer is THAT IS NOT RIGHT? America uses different and its personal interests for its ” just war/ killing?”.

Their humanitarian intervention is just a cover for their crimes against the civil population and innocent people as the Iraq war in 2003. Use one of the files added below which talked about the rules of America, which internees everywhere and add more resources.

Reconfirming your position you said in the introduction using different words. Reconfirming your position that you are against ” Just war, Just Killing” Neu’s quotation and explain why your are against it ( with different words).

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Political Science
Pages / words-9 / 2300
Number of sources-13
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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