Topic: Knowledge Innovation Management

Significance of the Research
The challenge of coping with the adverse impact of Covid-19 for manufacturing industries involves adaptation to knowledge innovation management to enable the firms to counter the damaging effects of the crisis. There is no doubt that several challenges will remain once the pandemic recedes, making knowledge innovation management measures an appropriate and practical concern. Therefore, this research is critical as it will facilitate the identification and implementation of effective strategies that will enhance knowledge innovation management. Additionally, firms in the manufacturing industry need to establish accurate and adequate knowledge innovation management measures to ensure sustainability (Santoro et al., 2018) and gain a competitive advantage and systematic asset reuse. Therefore, this research is essential as it will help manufacturing firms identify the proper and adequate knowledge innovation strategies that will enhance sustainability.
Research Questions

  1. Want are the prominent factors that enhance the survivability of knowledge management sustainability and innovation in medium-sized firms in the technology manufacturing industry during Covid-19?
  2. What technology-centric and human-focused post-Covid knowledge management sustainability and innovation measures do medium-sized firms in technology manufacturing firms need to gain competitive advantage, capability, and systematic asset reuse?

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