Topic: Labor Laws in china and how it relates to economics


Research Paper – Economic Issue in a Foreign Country
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This assignment will give you an opportunity to apply the concepts and skills you have learned in the course
to a specific economic issue in a foreign country of your choice.
Step 1: Choose an economic issue that you would like to know more about. Some examples are China’s
labor laws, India’s sanitation, Greece’s unemployment, Taiwan’s power supply, etc.
The economic issue that you select should deal with one or several key concepts from the
course: national income accounting, unemployment, inflation, the business cycle, aggregate
demand, aggregate supply, fiscal policy, and so forth.
You do not have to get my approval for the topic you select, but you may run it by me for a “green
light” if you are not sure whether or not it is appropriate for this assignment.
Step 2: You should then write a five-page paper (typed and double-spaced, with standard fonts
and margins) in which you apply the tools of the course to interpret some key point or points made
in your research. Please keep the following advice and requirements in mind:
Include a few paragraphs at the beginning summarizing your economic issue. Be certain to
include a topic sentence. You need to mention the main ideas and include facts, statistics,
examples, and/or quotes to describe the main ideas. Make sure that you use quotations if you use
the author’s exact words.
Step 3: In a few paragraphs, make sure to address the following:
First, identify and define the related economic concept(s) that related most to the country’s issue
and how the country handled or is handling the issue in your paper. Be certain to use the concept
correctly. Relate the concept to what we studied during the course and discuss how the concepts
applied to the research conducted for your assignment.
Step 4: In the remainder of the paper, respond to what you have read. This means form an opinion about
it. Some of the questions you might answer in your reaction are: Did you like or dislike how the
country is handling the issue/issues? Whom does their solution impact, and how are they affected
by its outcomes or decisions? Does the research apply to you personally or to your family? What
did you learn that was new, interesting, or significant? If the country provided a change in policy,
you should discuss the fairness issue. This section is the most important since it demonstrates how
well you comprehended the economic principles.
Sources: Please use two to three scholarly sources to research your economic issue and provide citations
at the end of your paper.
 Most “A” quality analyses will be at least five pages in length. Format should be a 12-point font and
 You should use correct grammar, punctuation, and writing structure.
 Remember to include your name, your class section, and a proper APA source listing for your paper
Rubric: See grading rubric below (next page)

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