Topic: Land Degradation and Sustainable Soil Management


1. Clear informative, catchy title

2. Summary of main themes and points (list of opposing views if necessary) i.e., what is the current knowledge on the subject?

3. A section stating the “take home lesson” or “central question” of the project

4. How does this relate to sustainable agriculture locally and/or globally or sustainability in general? (remember to use the 3 pillars of sustainability)

5. Any data tables or figures to support your presentation

6. Conclusion(s)

7. Citations to at least 3 to 5 key references.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Research Paper
Pages / words:6 / 1650
Number of sources:5
Academic level:Senior (College 4th year)
Paper format:MLA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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