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In July 2017, Piotr, Mirka and Radek, who had arrived from Poland in 2010, had saved enough money to buy a small house in the countryside. They contributed equally towards the purchase price and the house was registered in their joint names.

Mirka did not like the kitchen units and floor tiles and spent some of her savings on modernising the kitchen. Mirka asked Piotr and Radek for reimbursement of their share of the cost for this work, which they both refused. This disagreement led to a very strained relationship between them and in November 2019, Mirka decided that she would move out and rented a flat in a nearby village. She asked Piotr and Radek to pay her compensation for the fact she was no longer living in the house.

In March 2020, Mirka sent a text to Piotr and Radek to ask if they would buy her share of the house for £100,000. Piotr and Radek replied they would need some time to think because the price was more than they thought her share was worth. Unknown to Piotr and Radek, Mirka mortgaged her share to Safe Bank Ltd in April 2020, but she is now unable to keep up with repayments and Safe Bank Ltd would like the property to be sold.

Last week, while walking his dog, Radek was struck by lightning during a storm and died. Radek left a will in which he left all his property to his cousin, Jacek.

Advise Mirka, Piotr, Jacek and Safe Bank Ltd.

Please use relevant case law and statutes of english land law when answering this question – LPA1925/LPA(MISC)1989/LRA – any others. Make sure to analyse each person separately and try and argue both ways before coming up with a conclusive answer. Structure the paragraphs with IRAC – Identify the issue, Rule/Law application, Analyse the above issue with the law, Conclude the outcome.

Please ensure correct law cases are used. I have provided handouts which entail a lot of cases relevant to this question.

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