Topic: Leadership and Management in the Social Work Profession and Organizations

The purpose of this assignment is to (1) spark creativity and innovation to solve organizational or social problems, and to (2) apply the course content in a very specific innovative proposal. Studentgroups of 3 or 4 members will create a social innovation plan based on their specialization and describe its implementation process. Using the I.D.D.E.A. Leadership Framework as a blueprint, students will write a paper of 7-8 pages proposing a unique organization or social innovation, which will detail its Innovation, Design, Diversity, Execution, and Assessment. Equity, diversity and inclusion elements must be described and analyzed. Key leadership and management concepts covered during this course should be included to highlight key learning outcomes and applications. Each group will write the group’s paper using the following outline:

  1. Background and Introduction (1 ½ pages)
  2. The problem – What is the problem you are trying to solve? What is the root cause of the problem?
  3. Institutions or organizations – Which institutions or organizations are the stakeholders/main players in this problem? Identify at least oneresource and one barrier that these institutions or organizations currently have and/or are facing?  
  4. Vulnerable population – What specific population(s) are affected and how? From the clients’ point of view, what needs are not been met?
  1. Innovation (1 page)
  2. Innovation – What is your innovation? Describeyour idea.
  3. Ethics – What ethical frame are you using? Share what ethical components are important to have in order for your innovation to be ethical.
  4. Leadership style(s) – What leadership style(s) are best suited to successfully launch the innovation and why?
  1. Design (1 ½ pages)
  2. Partnerships – Who needs to be at the table? Which organizations will participate and what specific role would they have?Who would you network with to seek buy-in and/or endorsements?
  3. Technology and social media – Share how you would use technology and social media to launch and/or manage your innovation.
  4. Communication – What communication strategies would you use to disseminate information? What media would you use and why do you think it will be effective?
  5. Diversity (1 page)
  6. Diversity – Describe the diversity of the identified institutions/organizations and the diversity of the vulnerable population. What are their major issues and barriers? (Use current data to justify your description).
  7. EDI description – Describe how the lack of equity, diversity, and inclusion impacts the vulnerable population.
  8. Improve equity – Give at least one example of how the leader can improve equity and inclusion during the design and/or execution of the innovation.
  • Execution (1 ½ pages)
  • Organizational strategic planning –Identify the vision, mission, goals and objectives of your innovation. Describe how it will be implemented.
  • Conflict and negotiation – Describe one conflict resolution model you would use to resolve problems and one negotiation strategy you would use to work with others effectively.
  • Managerial model – Describe which managerial model would you apply to implement your innovation. Why is this managerial model potentially the most effective in your innovation? Give at least two reasons.
  • Assessment (1 page)
  • Logic model – Include your innovation’s logic model in one table with the following elements: Inputs, outputs, and immediate and long term outcomes (add the logic model in the appendix)
  • Evaluation model – How would you evaluate your innovation? What evaluation method would you use? Be as specific as you can.
  • Data – What data would you collect? What type of data will be good indicators to let you know if your innovation was successful?
  • Conclusion (1/2 page)

A. Share a concluding paragraph highlighting the key elements of your innovation and key implications in the social work profession.

Format.  The paper should be 7-8 pages in length (double-spaced); page limit does not include cover page or reference list.  Please use 12-point font, 1-inch margins, a running head and page numbers.  Use subheadings to organize content.  Support your work with a minimum of 5 APA-formatted scholarly works.  The course textbook will count as 1 source, regardless of the number of chapters cited.

Grading. The evaluation of the paper will be based on whether the group followed the directions and addressed all aspects of the assignment, as well as your understanding and appropriate use of data, the strength of your analysis, and the quality of the work (organization, flow, clarity, depth, grammar, spelling, presentation content, delivery style, etc.).  Late assignments will be penalized 3 points per day. 

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