Topic: Leading for Sustainability

Propose relevant best practices in sustainability management. Firstly, describe your leadership plan in carrying out these duties to maximize the impact, motivate your staff and strengthen the sustainability culture within the company

Sustainability and risk management are closely related. In class we have discussed the risks associated with the activities of a mining company using the UCAM approach.
A hotel operator has decided to develop a new property on a prime site renowned for its natural environment. The site identified would require extensive development of the shoreline in front of a coral reef and on the hedge of a rainforest (cutting of a huge area of trees would be required). Next to the site is a small village relying on fishing and forestry products for survival.
Estimate five (5) major risks associated with this development. Categorise the risks according to operational, reputational and regulatory

Type of assignment: Case study

Subject: Management

Pages: 6/1650

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