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Topic: Leisure Motivations Questionnaire Paper


The purpose of this assignment is for students to explore their motivations for participating in leisure activities. Take the Leisure Motivations Questionnaire and tabulate the answer scores. Upon finishing, answer the reflection
questions in a report format.

Paper should be four to six pages in length, APA format, including ten citations from the text and include a reference page. Failure to properly cite sources will result in the immediate failure of the assignment.

Requirements for the Report:
1. Complete the LMQ and submit 5 pts
2. Taking the quiz
a. What did you learn about yourself taking this quiz?
b. Are the outcomes what you thought they would be?
c. Did you second guess your answers?
3. LMQ Definitions Analysis
a. What were the numbers you scored per definition?
b. Were the answers surprising?
c. Do you think these numbers are correct? Why or why not?
d. If you were thinking of a different activity do you think your numbers would have tabulated vastly differently?
e. Has what you have learned this semester changed your views on your own leisure and is that reflected in this quiz? Why or why not? 10 pts
4. Future Leisure
a. Will the answers to this questionnaire change how you view your leisure experiences?
b. Will the answers change what kind of leisure you experience? 10 pts
5. Connect your reflections of this questionnaire to the text book with a minimum of ten (10) citations

Cite your sources, from the Book. Pastimes, the context of contemporary leisure, 6th edition, ISBN ebook 978-1-57167-821-8)

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Not defined
Pages / words-5 / 1375
Number of sources-10
Academic level-Senior (College 4th year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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