Topic: Letter template assignment rework

Letter template assignment rework
Search Microsoft Word for letter templates. View at least 3 letter templates to get ideas. Copy down the names of the 3 templates for use in this assignment.
Create a letter template that would be used repeatedly in a business setting. Ideas include:
• Changes to office hours
• Introducing new staff or services
• New patient welcome letter
• Overdue billing balance
Your letter template should include:
Placeholders for:
• recipient address
• Greeting/recipient name
• Name of sender
Additionally, the body of the letter should include at least 3 additional placeholders for content that would be updated each time the template is used. This can include:
• Times
• Dates
• Names
• Services
Include at least 5 of the following features in your letter:
• Character formatting
• Tab stops
• Styles
• Picture (Logo for the business)
• Bullets/Numbering
• Background
• Header/Footer
• Table
Insert a page break, and include the name of the templates you consulted before creating your template.
Save file as a Word Template (.dotx)
Submit for grading.

Pages: 1 Double spaced(275 words)
Style and sources: APA7, 1 source
Free extras: Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: College
Assignment type: Assessment
Subject: Business and Economics
Language: US

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