Topic: Literary Analysis English essay


reading is “Once More to the Lake” by E.B.White (36)
The essence of this paper is to show to your reader how and why you are impressed by the work you are reading. You are to evaluate the reading, identifying his/her argument, and looking for the ways by which the author conveys sentiments or morals. You may comment on various rhetorical devices resorted by the author, or to analyze the author’s logical reasoning or imagination for the effects generated through the essay. For a rewarding reading, you have to understand the author’s beliefs and tone, social and cultural background, and point of view. You will also have to examine rhetorical devices such as patterns of images, metaphors, or symbols, historical and biblical references or allusions, apparent or hidden contradictions, and historical, social and economic contexts.

1. Avoid using words like “I believe” or “I think.” Use reason and logic as well as imagination to create the first impression of the reading. While trying to have as much understanding as you can about the reading, please not to attempt to deal with everything in your writing. Limit yourself to one aspect of the story or poem and go for an in-depth reading and analysis.

2. Carefully word your thesis for clarity and exactness. Two common kinds of imprecision are vagueness and ambiguity. In this assignment, I expect you to settle on a specific and well defined thesis statement. It is not only important but also imperative to have a narrow focus, which determines and controls the range of your reading.

3. Learn to use quotes, paraphrasing or summary to back up your claim and try to follow MLA format closely while you are quoting. To be successful, you have to know what to quote, how to quote, and why you are quoting certain passages from the work. All quotes should be explained to make sure they are supporting your argument.

4. The essay should have more than 600 words with two or three fully developed body paragraphs. Try to identify your thesis at the end of the introduction and stay focused. Please go through drafts before handing in the paper.

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