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Write an essay on ONE of the following topics. The essay should be no more than 1000 words in length (plus a bibliography which is not included in the word count). Your answer should refer in detail to TWO TEXTS studied on this module neither of which have been written on for assignment one. Should you choose to write on The Nation’s Favourite Comic Poems as one of your texts, you should examine at least four poems from this anthology.

Either (a) ‘Nothing can stand against the assault of laughter’ (Mark Twain). Discuss the targeted use of laughter by author and/or characters in any TWO texts studied on this module.

Or (b) ‘Comedy is dangerous; humor is a weapon’ (Regina Barrecca). To what degree is Barrecca’s view of women’s laughter challenged or borne out in any TWO texts studied on this module?

Or (c) Examine the ways in which comedy has been used to criticise society in any TWO texts studied on the module.

Or (d) ‘The best comedy always has an element of risk.’ (James Meehan). Using any TWO texts studied on the module, consider the ways in which the comedy takes risks and for what purposes.

Or (e) ‘appropriate humor that is relevant, lightens the mood and makes the information memorable’ (Melissa Wanzer). Examine the ways in which comedy makes the contents memorable and for what purposes in any TWO texts studied on the module.

Or (f) ‘Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.’ Examine the statement in relation to any TWO texts studied on the module.

A Christmas Carol
Pride and Prejudice
Monty Python’s Life of Brian
Much Ado About Nothing

I’ve excluded texts that i’ve written about before so please find the question that you feel most comfortable to write familiary about with the texts that you also are more comfortable with.

NOTE: let me know which texts you chose so i can send you files that could be of much help in your writing.
If you’d like a manual on the writing style guide, let me know please!

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Type of assignment-Essay
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Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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