Topic: Live Concert Performance Review


Live Performance Review Essay. 900 word minimum. Use more if that is what it takes. The live performance review essay (3 pages in length, 12-point font, double spaced) is modeled on examples found in primary source research (i.e. New York Times Historical Newspapers online, Lexis Nexis, International Index to Music Periodicals, local newspaper articles, and similar resources).

Rock Concert Review – 900 word minimum.

Find a live Rock or popular music concert related to music we have studied in the class on Youtube. Copy and include the link in your response. Underneath the video, click on “share,” then click on “copy.” Paste the link to the beginning of your document.

Do your own search for a live concert; you can simply search “Live Rock Concert” or you could select an artist and include “live” in your search terms.

Address the following points:

Setting – when? Where? describe venue, acoustics (lots of echo=”wet”; not much echo=”dry”) Band – instrumentation? vocalist? electronic? acoustic? who was the leader?

Repertory – describe the songs they play, give titles if possible. Talk about tempo, volume, contrasts. If the program consists of many songs, compare and contrast a few which are all different. If everything they play is similar, how so? The melody? the rhythm? the texture?

Style – In what style or styles do they play? 50’s style rock and roll (i.e., Chuck Berry, Elvis, etc.), 60’s Brill building-style “Teen Idol,” Soul, folk-rock, early Beatles style, psychedellic, progressive rock, blues-rock, etc.)
Was there a fusion of styles? Influences from other genres such as folk, country western, reggae, etc? Why did you conclude that? Musical characteristics: melody, harmony, rhythm. Did you know any of the songs?

Song forms, presentation: Were the songs simple, or structured with different composed sections? Try to talk about the form of the tunes.

Improvisation/Interaction – was there improvisation, or was everything rehearsed? Do they seem to be communicating in any way?

Sound phenomenon opinion – what’s your impression of the overall sound? organized? pleasing to the ear? difficult to listen to? What’s the timbre (sound quality of each instrument and the overall combination)?

What is most meaningful about the performances? The lyrical content? The skill on their instruments? A catchy melody, or a hook? The feeling of communication with the audience? The mood and energy of the music?

List of musicians discussed during this course;
Chuck Berry
Little Richard
Elvis Presley
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
James Brown
Jimi Hendrix
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin

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