Topic: Livestream Shopping in China Individual essay

Consumer Behaviour- Individual essay
identify problematic consumer behaviour and write a paper in between a minimum of length of 1,200 to a maximum of 3,000 words (excluding references and appendix). Typical problematic behavioural examples include excessive borrowing, tobacco consumption, excessive alcohol consumption or drugs/antibiotic consumption, overeating (and particularly obesity), exercising, gambling, saving (for retirement or otherwise), charitable donations (of money and time and to any cause, not a particular one) and recycling, etc. The study should be confined to Mainland China market. The students could certainly choose a different behaviour as long as it has a social implication.
Students could assume himself or herself as a consultant and was hired by an organisation that aims to help consumers with that behaviour. The goal in this project is to advise the organisation on how to help consumers to make better choices in that particular area.
Structure of the essay
The essay should include the following sections:
• The Problem: Describe and define the problematic consumer behaviour.
• Target Population: The student needs to identify the population that he or she would wish to help. It could be the general population, segments (or one segment) 􏰊 such as children, adolescents, elderly, illiterate, disabled, etc. The student should have a good explanation for why this is an important segment to target.
• Current Situation: For example, if the chosen behaviour is about credit card over-spending and the population is young people of Mainland China; the student should track the statistics, and research the causes for the symptoms and present it on the essay. In other words, the student should lay the ground of the problem (is it a problem? What seem to be the causes for the problem? etc.). The data sources for this part can come from a variety of sources, such as governmental or other NGO’s data, newspapers, etc. Please make sure the data come from a reputable source, and NOT from obscure websites.
• Data Analysis: Collect the necessary secondary data related to the selected behaviour from journal, magazines, annual reports, newspapers, etc. Use the secondary data collected to demonstrate a decreasing/increasing trend. And then indicate the implication and the significance of the secondary data. The student needs to use data analysis to enhance the basic information provided in the “current situation”. If time and resource permit the student to conduct primary research, it is an additional advantage of your essay.
• Analyse the Causes of the Problem: For example, if the behaviour is overeating and obesity, the student could find data on how the fast-food industry contributed to this problem. Besides, the students might discuss cultural (and sub-cultural), socio-demographic, and peer factors that play critical roles in shaping the problem. The depth of the analysis in this section is crucial.
• Recommendation: Students may use the relevant chapters from the textbook to come up with ideas. All students must come up with their ideas on how to improve consumers’ lives and choices. Students must explain the rationale regarding why the solutions are useful and how they will work. Sometimes, the problem you identified could be too big to solve, as it was there for a long time, so it is suggested to start small.
• Limitation: Discuss the feasibility of and the barriers to your recommendation.
• Conclusion: Write a summary to link up the previous sections and draw a conclusion.
& Submission
• Format: Font – Times New Roman; Size – 12; Spacing – 1.0; Justified Edge
• Put the tables, figures, diagrams or photos on appendix to illustrate your ideas and discussion.
• Include a table of contents with headings or sub-headings.
• Please follow APA reference style webinars
• Cover page:
o – Title of your paper
o – Citation of the article (title, publication, date published, author/editor/publisher, etc.)
o – Include your Student name, student ID and student’s email address, and your class.
• Submission: Submit a softcopy (Review + Article), in MS Word format to Blackboard on or before the lecture in Week 9. Please send your report to Turnitin and generate an Originality Report for submission.

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