Topic: Living on One Dollar

1. What does the title of the documentary, “Living on One Dollar,” mean?
2. What evidence is there of extreme poverty in Guatemala(using what is explained or specific examples from Peña Blanca)?
3. What three key aspects of poverty do the students replicate: why & how?
4. Explain some aspects of daily survival for the residents of Peña Blanca & the students (transportation, access to water, income, budgeting, etc.).
5. What are some of the implications of malnutrition (or not having enough food to supply a regular/necessary amount of energy to a human body)?
6. Summarize the situation of education in Peña Blanca. Also, why are candles used to study?
7. Who is Chino? What language does he speak? Why does Chino want to learn Spanish?
8. What does the statement, “It is their situation that is holding them back, not who they are” mean? (Please be specific in your answer.)
9. Describe the lives of Anthony & Rosa. How do they help the American students?
10. What is the significance of lard in this story?
11. Explain the life of Rosa Coj Bocel.
12. Explain some of the tensions amongst the students & what led to those misunderstandings.
13. Explain the functions & purposes of a savings club.
14. Why is Anthony successful? What does he do with his income?
15. How did the students’ efforts at getting a traditional bank loan turn out? In other words, how much did the students ask for, what requirements (or roadblocks, actually) do they encounter?
16. Describe Grameen Bank. What does it do, who benefits from their operations, how does it function, etc.? What are some expectations of the loan recipients?
17. How did Grameen Bank help Rosa? Doña Maria? Lusia? Rosita? Maria?
18. Day 56: What can average Americans do to help those struggling in Guatemala?

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