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Audience is your primary consideration in many types of nontechnical writing. Choose a website for an economy car, such as a Kia, and one for a luxury car, such as a Mercedes. In a memo to your instructor, contrast the audiences for the two ads according to the following measures: 1) age, 2) gender, and 3) economic means.

In contrasting the two audiences, consider the explicit information in the ads—the writing—as well as the implicit information—hidden persuaders such as background scenery, color, lighting, angles, and the situation portrayed by any people photographed. Keep in mind that your purpose is to contrast the two audiences, not merely to describe the content of the ad or its design. You must also include the web address for each site (see my example below for where you should put the web addresses).

Note: Do NOT use Kia or Mercedes as your choices; find different choices for your economy and luxury car sites. You should also make sure one is an economy car and the other is truly a luxury vehicle.

Use the memo format as it appears below. Be sure to include a statement of purpose as the first paragraph of the memo. Take each measure ( age, gender, and economic mean s), and make it a heading for your comparison between the two cars. In the example below, “Age” is on a separate line, and in bold, as a heading for the discussion of the apparent ages for whom these two car appear to be intended.

You will have seven short paragraphs: one for the statement of purpose, and two for each measure (one per website, per measure).

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To: Prof. Slaughter
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Re: Contrasting Automobile Websites
Date: 9/28/2020
The purpose of this memo is to contrast the audiences for an economy car website and a site for a luxury car, according to age, gender , and economic means.

Age: The age group for the economy car I chose, the Kia Soul, appears to be young. When you visit the home page, ( electronic music begins playing, and a hamster in an over-sized basketball jersey is dancing to it. The main sentence on the page is, “You can get with this, or you can get with that,” which is the kind of slang a younger audience–late teens to twenties– would respond to more effectively than an older audience. Some of the colors for the Soul are very adventurous, such as very bright neon green, and very bright orange– colors that would be more appealing to a younger audience. Even the names of the colors suggest youthful potential buyers: “Alien” for the green shade, “Molten” for a bright red, and “Ignition” for orange.

In contrast, the audience for the Mercedes Benz CLS-class vehicles ( appears to be for an older, more established audience. The car is in a classic silver hue, with a backdrop of a gray, very modern-looking public building, such as a symphony hall. Additionally, adjoining plaza is made of grayish-silver paving stones. The muted silver and grey tones, and the “high culture” backdrop suggest an elegance and sophistication that would be more effective on an older audience, rather than the “Alien” or “Molten” colors the economy car suggested. There is also a paragraph of text on the page, which begins with the sentence (in large font) , “Infatuation becomes unwavering devotion.” The claims in this paragraph of “alluring style, thrilling performance, and meticulous craftsmanship.” Both the topic sentence and the claims in the paragraph seem geared to an older audience, both in terms of language choices as well as the focus on performance and craftsmanship. These differences reflect the difference in attitude between the sites, from “cool” for the Kia Soul, and “elegant” for the Mercedes CLS.

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