Topic: Preventing Limbs Amputation in Diabetes


The paper is mixture short case study and essay about public health/preventing illnesses. The scenario is: I have been working on a endocrine ward in an acute hospital. Looking after male and female diabetes patients. The patients aged between 45-60 years old and had different occupation backgrounds. The experience will focus on patients who had amputated limbs or were at risk of amputation in diabetes.
Throughout this assignment need to focus on these learning outcomes:
1. Analyse the concepts of promoting health or preventing illness(to prevent further amputation) to improve the physical/mental/social health and well-being of a person across the lifespan
2. Recognise the impact of social and environmental determinants of health at a local level ( the ward in acute hospital), community, national and global level
3. Evaluate approaches to collaborative working in promoting health or prevent illness ( in other words is collaborative approaches better or worse than lone health promotion activity in the small case which is provided).

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