Topic: Management and Women/Diversity Literature review


Literature review.

Develop a Research Topic on Management and women/diversity

Topic and Theory.

Women leaders and managers maintain higher inclusivity and diversity in teams than men.

The importance of women in management and leadership. Drive inclusivity and diversity and foster a healthy environment for innovation.

Develop Research Questions:

and Literature Review:

this paper will consist of a research topic, research questions and a literature review.
1. Give a short description of the original theory and research in your chosen area
3. Identify any preliminary gaps in current research fields and potential contribution you hope to make in this field of research topic.

Some artcies Diversity & Teams:
• Are women better leaders than men? (2015) by De Mascia
• A qualitative approach to the challenges for women in management: are they really starting in the 21st century? (2012) by Vásquez-Carrasco, López-Pérez, & Centeno
• Ellis, K., & Keys, M. (2015). Workforce diversity and shareholder value: A multi-level
• perspective. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 44(2), 191-212.
• Childs Jr., J. (2005). Managing workforce diversity at IBM: A global HR topic that has arrived.
• Mealiea, L., & Baltazar, R. (2005). A Strategic Guide for Building Effective Teams. Public
• Personnel Management, 34(2), 141-160.

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