Topic: Managerial Economics Power point Presentation


In this assignment, you will apply information learned about global trade and exchange rates by applying strategies your chosen company (APPLE, INC.) can use to increase revenue and profitability. Consider if your company (APPLE, INC.) does business abroad or if it has foreign customers. What strategies can the company use to minimize costs and maximize revenue?

Using the company you have chosen (APPLE, INC.) for analysis in this class:

Determine the imports and exports in which your company engages.
Does your company import goods to sell to US consumers?
Does your company manufacture in the US?
Will the value of the dollar hurt or help your company?
Does your company engage in unethical labor practices abroad or has it outsourced jobs to other countries? Does the ethics of what they do hurt the company?
Using your research, forecast what impact this information will have on your company and what strategies they should employ to maximize revenue and profit.

Combine this information with the previous information on the following topics:

Consumer demand
Market structure
Product pricing
Cost structure
Impact of macroeconomic factors
Impact of possible fiscal and monetary policy

Prepare a presentation to the stakeholder group for the company you have chosen for analysis in this class outlining the economic factors that may impact this company going forward.


Create a voice-over PowerPoint presentation.

Your slides should have brief bullet points (MUST INCLUDE SPEAKER NOTES FOR EACH SLIDE) while you narrate the presentation with the detail. At the end of your presentation you must have a reference slide showing all sources used for the presentation.

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