Topic: Managing Accommodation Services

Assignment Brief and Guidance
Scenario and activity:
You are a hospitality consultant who specialise in the accommodation sector and have been hired by a group of entrepreneurs who are looking into the possibility of investing into the sector. They have a limited experience in the hospitality industry and have not yet decided on the type of accommodation business they would like to invest into. They have therefore hired you to research and present to them the relevant information regarding the accommodation sector so that they can make an informed decision. In order for you to complete this assessment, you must base yourself on a specific accommodation business with others added whenever required. Make sure to introduce them briefly first when using them.
During the report, you will have to Critically Evaluate a range of different accommodation services and the role front office plays in achieving positive grading, classifications and reviews to meet overall business objectives for guest satisfaction and profitability while Identifying the scale and size of the accommodation sector found within the hospitality industry. Then you will have to Evaluate the implications of different forms of ownership of accommodation services, grading, classifications and online reviews upon guests’ decision-making to look for and book accommodation.
Afterwards, you will need to Critically evaluate the role of the front office department to meet overall business objectives for guest satisfaction and profitability while Explaining the organisation of different front office functions with reference to three different types of accommodation provider, including your selected organisation. Then you will have to Analyse how the different operations of the front office department of your selected organisation participates in the overall business mission and objectives while Discussing who are the key players within that front office department and their role.
Having explained the types of accommodation services to the group of entrepreneurs in the previous part, you now have to explain the roles in the Housekeeping departments and the importance of interrelationships between housekeeping and other departments for the success of the business in the same selected business.
You will need to Critically evaluate the importance of communication between the housekeeping and facilities department for providing effective quality accommodation services that meet overall guest satisfaction
In order to do so, you will have to Review the key roles found within the housekeeping department in your selected organisation and Assess the importance of forecasting linen stock and other guest supplies to ensure sufficient supply to meet demand before Evaluating the relationship between the housekeeping department and other key departments in a selected organisation to provide effective quality accommodation services that meet overall guest satisfaction
In addition, you will have to Assess the role maintenance plays within the accommodation services in ensuring overall guest satisfaction with the importance of scheduling maintenance or repair work to minimise disruption to guests and Discussing the importance of security for your selected organisation

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Type of assignment: Report
Subject: Education
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