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Manifesto Topic Memo

As you begin to consider your manifesto, think about the various ways you are connected to the arts, intellectually, in practice, and affectively. Spend about 30 minutes playing around with the following questions, taking notes on your answers (writing down your answers is critical, and I recommend doing this first part w/ paper & pen before sitting down to type):

What motivates you?

What do you think distinguishes you and/or your outlook?

What makes your work or your viewpoint unique?

What do you like/love about the work?

Imagine that whatever you answer, the reader responds with, “That’s really interesting. Why do you think that is?” and answer a little more deeply.

Once you’ve explored those questions for a half hour or so, if you’re feeling motivated, type 1-2 pages explaining what you want your manifesto to be about. If you’re not feeling motivated, take a break and return to your notes within the next day to type up the 1-2 page memo.

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