Topic: Market entry of an international company in a new country


The essay to be about Spain as a country and Walmart as retail company.

look at this assignment from the perspective of an international manager who needs to make a recommendation on what is the best entry strategy for the company with respect to the target country (your country of choice). You are free to select any type of business/activity for your international company.

In your recommendation, please cover some or all of the following aspects:
• Relevant country background information (for example key economic, political, legal, technological parameters)
• Recommended entry strategy and reasoning
• How will you manage political risk, governmental relations and alliances?
• Proposed strategy as to the organizational structure, HR management and motivating your local employees.

Consider that the Company will take the decision of entering the new market based on your recommendation and that significant investment (people, time and money) is at stake.

suggest them entry strategies for the Spanish market to open Walmart to Spain.

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