Topic: Marketing mix of an existing consumer good or service

The module will be assessed via a 3000 word (+/- 10%) individual written report. The assessment requires you to produce a written report that will focus on the marketing mix of an existing consumer good or service, which will be introduced in a new overseas market.

You are to consider whether any adaptation is needed for your chosen market. In addition, you will need to justify reasons for your choice of market, while using relevant academic reference and/or primary research to support your arguments.

The report should start with an executive summary addressing the relevant information discussed in the report. This should be followed by an introduction section providing information on the product/service and justification for the choice of market.

The PESTEL analysis of the chosen market should be discussed as well as the segmentation, targeting, positioning and market entry strategies. The marketing mix of the chosen product/service should be analyzed in line with the PESTEL analysis— with justification provided for any product/service adaptation or standardization strategies.

Note: You are to select a particular consumer goods already in one country which will be intriduced in another country. Like for example. Selling Alcohol in a place like Dubai has its challenges as the Political aspect of PESTEL affects beer sales.

Note: Please use pictures and diagrams and properly reference them
Reference Style: Harvard Style
Font style: Times Roman pt 12, with 1½ or double spacing.
Minimum: 35 references

Pages: 11 Double spaced(3025 words)
Style and sources: Harvard, 35 sources
Free extras: Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: Master
Assignment type: Critical Writing
Subject: Art and Design
Language: US

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