Topic: marketing strategy plan.

This assignment is a marketing strategy plan.  This is not to be confused with a marketing plan.  The intent here is very different.  This paper will focus on the oversight and evaluation of a well-integrated marketing strategy.  In this paper, you will select an organization and a specific product or service.  You will include the six (6) areas described below.
This can be a fictional product or service or an existing product or service.  The focus here should be on your interests and your thoughts.  This is a chance to be creative and really demonstrate your thoughts and insights. 

Your research should be to include to address implementation and impact, not on what others have done specific to the product or service that you are writing about.  This research will validate and support your thinking and writing.
Overview of Product or Service
Overall Strategy:  A well designed vision
Target Audience
Message & Implementation
Types of Appeal(s)
Basic Media Plan
Implementation of
Evaluation Strategy

There is certainly room for a creative approach here.  It will be important to pay attention to the details and in certain areas focus on the rationale for your decisions.  An effective plan will create a playbook for you as a manager to see a strategy from start to finish.  This is a little unconventional but focuses on key areas with room for personal touch and analysis.

Pages 6 Double spaced(1650 words)
Style and sources APA7, 6 sources
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Title page

Bibliography / Reference page

Study level: Master
Assignment type: Research Paper
Subject: Business and Economics
Language: US

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