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1. A complete literature review on the topic with a minimum of 15-20. The literature review should provide a current update on the research related to your topic, sticking with the most recent–usually within the last five years or so.

2. Research Questions. For example, Research Question #1 could be to discover methods of measuring social media performance as social ROI”.

3. A statement of methodology. Explain what type (form) of data will be collected and it can be collected. For example: using social media posts? using a survey? using Interviews?

Document analysis: How will you choose the data? Describe (and send as an appendix) any list of questions that can be asked, surveys you can be distributed, etc. OR–if you are going to synthesize existing literature on how social media performance can be measured in terms of ROI, explain how you intend to do that.

4. A presentation of findings, i.e., the raw data. Numbers from a survey; responses from interviews; analyses of social media posts or other artifacts.

5. A discussion of findings. What do they tell us? What conclusions do they allow us to draw? What might further research do to investigate the phenomena of interest?

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