Topic: Medial Ages to the early modern period english essay


Suggested length for A-C: 150-250 words each.
Required Length for D: 16 lines of verse in proper sonnet form.

PART 1. ANALYTIC COMPONENT (worth 25 point each)
A. Compare the treatment of the Crucifixion in “The Dream of the Rood” with that in Julian of Norwich’s Showings. Can you develop any hypothesis about differences between Old and Middle English Literature? Feel free to conjecture.

There aren’t wrong answers to this questions so much as there are lazy responses in which you don’t make any attempt to answer the question. In other words, do your best to answer the question. Suggested word length: 150-200 words.

B. In the headnote to Chaucer’s “General Prologue,” the editors write that “the pilgrims’ facial features, the clothes they wear, the foods they like to eat, the things they say, the work they do are all clues not only to their social rank but to their moral and spiritual condition and, through the accumulation of detail, to the condition of late-medieval society, of which collectively they are representative.”

Choose two featured characters from the Prologue and discuss how the details Chaucer gives each one paints contrasting portrait of social class and spiritual condition. Suggested word length: 150-200 words.

C. Lady Mary Wroth, the poetic heir of her famous uncle Sir Philip Sidney, exercised her own poetic strategies in her sonnet sequence Pamphilia to Amphilanthus. How does the language she uses about love and desire differ from that used by the male poets assigned in Lesson 3?

Are there differences comprehensible in terms of gender ideologies about proper male and female social roles? Is female desire represented differently from male desire? Look carefully at the imagery and discuss several poems in detail. Suggested word length: 150-200 words.

D. Write a sonnet in imitation of Elizabethan sonnets. Use the English form of three quatrains ending with a couplet, and be careful to observe the meter and rhyme scheme.

It need not be a good poem, but it should be technically correct. If you’re unsure what I mean by technically correct, do some research on the proper meter and rhyme of an Elizabethan sonnet.

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