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Topic: Mergers and Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions case study paper/presentation

Assignment Objectives

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the role of intercultural competence in managing and leading a merger between two cross-border organizations. To do these students will;

  • Select and describe the organizations, the sectors to which they belong and the anticipated benefits of the merger to them and their stakeholders. The organizations may belong to any of the profit, not-for-profit, public or charitable sectors
  • Articulate the challenge they face in merging two different national and organizational cultures
  • identify specific areas and functions in the organizations which are sensitive to cultural variants and tensions
  • Demonstrate how an organization might seek to ascertain and develop its intercultural skills base
  • Produce a PowerPoint file and a Word file clearly (APA) 
  1. Identify organizations in a specific sector liable to see the benefit (as well as risk) in merging their strategy, resources and operations across borders
  2. Based on secondary data, identify the benefits and the risks stemming from the act of merging corporate and national cultures
  3. Carry out a cultural assessment of each organization at the pre-merger stage
  4. Devise criteria for the selection of a joint leadership team
  5. Agree on the key objectives of a program to build intercultural competence in a new organization

Expected work

Create i) a PowerPoint file, maximum 15 slides and ii) a written report, maximum 2000. assignment should conform to the following criteria:

Select and describe the organizations,Identifies two organizations and describes themShows understanding of the sectors and the position of the respective partnersInvestigates possible synergies between the partners and sound reasoning behind the merger with a risk analysis
Articulate the challengeDescribes obvious national and organizational differences and similaritiesInvestigates social, historical and leadership characteristics and influences on the organizationsMultiple models and sources intelligently used to evaluate all these factors and the scale of the challenge
Identify specific areas and functions in the organizationsLooks at the business models and identifies key divisions and areas of interaction with stakeholders and clientsIdentify key units and processes most impacted by the mergerAssembles action plan to bridge across divisions and units to leverage the skills base
Ascertain and develop the intercultural skills baseProposes ways to identify individuals and their skills baseAppoints key individuals to leadership roles as a function of specific skill sets and identify remaining gapsDemonstrates valuable reflection and commits the organizations convincingly to a roadmap for intercultural development based on recognized, referenced concepts
Writing, APA, referencespoor references, grammatical or APA errors. No references to sources or concepts covered in the courseMinimal errors, clear writing, sufficient credible references from academic sources/journal articlesLogical flow, no grammatical or APA errors, sufficient credible references from academic sources/journal articles

Presentation of your report

  1. Prepare a single PowerPoint file with Logos and suitable corporate décor at your discretion
  2. Prepare a single word document using title page, table of contents, and body of the paper all in APA format.
  3. Select a report structure which maps the text clearly against slide numbers with appropriate sections and sub-headings

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Power Point presentation
Pages / words-10 / 1500
Number of sources-8
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK

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