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Topic: Migrant Labors and Human Rights in Gulf Consolidated Countries

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I need an academic research proposal with thesis/theory questions to apply for PhD program on human rights condition in many aspects particularly labours from third world countries who are working in GCC.


Migrant workers are engaged in every sector of development activity in the Gulf countries. However, they are often are trapped in horrible living and working conditions denied justice and their fundamental rights. It is rightly acknowledged that these countries must do better. “The labours clean their offices, build your cities and with no doubt supporting GCC national vision accomplishment and yet remain invisible. These countries must enforce standard human rights to those migrant labours. No one can deny the fact that policies of discrimination and oppression are being practised in the Gulf countries against the foreign workforce in terms of low salaries, long working hours and absence of rights.

Their labour laws do not meet the standards for the protection of migrants. On the other hand, the culture of rights is weak in these societies; unless we enhance this culture at the regional level, migrant workers will continue to be exploited, and their rights would be abused.
International norms and standards are often violated to promote individual interests.

A change in the mindsets and policies of Gulf governments is urgently necessary and long overdue — a change that not only acknowledges the economic benefits of hosting migrant laborers, but that also recognizes, respects, and works to ensure the rights of migrant workers.

With summary, please.

Thank you

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