Topic: Model of clinical Innovation

Explain how your Idea is an innovativation to your speciality (300)
There is a need for improvement in falls prevention, in my unit. This is evidenced by the increased number of falls per month. There are also some recurrent falls. Falls can significantly impact patient’s health, confidence, and prolonged hospital stay which is also a major cost to the health care system (WHO, 2016). I choice the Lewin’s Change Model for my innovation, because majority of falls are preventable and my aim is to reduce by at least thirty percent. There are already existing resources and continuous education to upskill and support employees for the purpose of reducing falls. However, the number of falls continue to increase. Lewin’s change model will ensure my innovation is effective through the three step processes. In the unfreezing stage, I would say the employees would agree to have an implementation of a new method or change to the existing resources, to bring improvement to this clinical concern. This stage should show the behaviour for the change without pressure, force or tension. After the implementation and adaptation of stage one, with positive attitude then step two (changing) begins. Changing step involves employees participation to escalate the changes that will effective. There are four ways this can be done. The information to generate ideas, which can be contributed to the innovation, knowledge and skill to help the process of this stage and the rewards. It important to reward and acknowledge those who actively participate and are proactive. This also encourages other employees to perform similarly. And the last step is refreezing. This step involves identification of three activities which include changing management structure that identifies direction and includes change to current leadership structure, resources, promoting change and initiating the change process. planning a road map, ensures all vital activities are carried out successfully for a change and goals are met and commitment ensuring all resources are delivered accordingly and information is well communicated, all staff are informed and aware of the change and providing education as need it during the adaptation phase.

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