Topic: Modern Currents in the Humanities coursework assignment


Chapter 2, The Freudian Revolution (Chapter 33) (please answer questions in complete sentences.) Book uploaded.

1)Who was Sigmund Freud? Why is he such an important figure and what was the revolution that he represented?

2)What are the differences between Freudian and Jungian theory?

3)According to Tripartite Psyche, what does the “superego” represent?

4)What, according to Freud, are the three main sources of human suffering, and by what means does one stave off suffering?

5)What was Freuds’ opinion about the role religion plays in civilized society?

6) What link does Proust draw between his unconscious and conscious self?

7)What role does the madeleine play in these relationships?

8) From Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, how would you describe Gregor Samsa’s personality?

9)what details in this story establish a sense of reality, unreality and fear?

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