Topic: MONZO ( Business Plan Assignment


answer the following questions about the company monzo. You have got 1,400 words for your answer.
Please describe the business concept of Monzo along the following dimensions:
a) A brief explanation of the market need that the company wants to satisfy (what problem are they solving? For whom?)
b) A brief description of the product/service concept (how do they solve the problem? what is their value proposition?)
c) A brief description of their business and revenue models (i.e. how do they create and capture value)
d) A brief rundown of the key concerns or risks
e) An estimation of the growth rate of the company’s market
f) A competitive analysis (who are their main competitors, and how are they trying to
differentiate themselves?
End your assignment by succinctly describing the company’s business strategy and competitive advantage, based on your discussion of the points A-F above.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Coursework
Pages / words-6 / 1400
Number of sources-15
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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