Topic: Multimedia Communications Legal Response with IRAC

Multimedia Communications Legal Response with IRAC

To satisfy our course objective, “comprehending pivotal areas of law and ethics within professional communication fields”, use the IRAC model to analyze a legal case relating to multimedia communications. Analyze one of the assigned legal cases from this week’s readings.

The IRAC analysis of your case should address the following:

Issue: What are we arguing about?

Rule: What does the law say about this matter?

Application of the Rule: What facts does the judge rely on in making his finding? How is the judge applying the rule to the evidence?

Conclusion: Who won and why? This ties back to the application.

Then, write a response to the case that focuses on one or two main ethical concepts (think back to the first half of this course) and apply them to the case. Do you think the case was decided correctly? Why or why not? The best responses with IRAC often address ideas that are new, exciting, or disturbing. Remember: you are not required to agree with the ideas presented in the texts, case law, or in class but you must understand them.

Your legal response with IRAC should be 2 pages in length. Compose your response in APA format, including the introduction and conclusion, and in-text citations for all sources used. In addition to your 2 page essay, you must include an APA-style title page and reference page.

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