Topic: Music Humanities Final Writing Assignment

Summer 2021
The aim of your final writing assignment is to invite you to reflect on and synthesize the work
we have done this semester in a way that you find interesting and engaging. To some degree, you
can think of it as a replacement for the final exam. The assignment is due on Courseworks by
Monday June 21, 11:59pm.
Prompt: Make a case for the addition of a piece of music (e.g., Bizet’s Carmen) or musical
tradition (e.g., hip hop or Turkish classical music) to the Music Humanities syllabus. In doing so,
you should demonstrate your understanding of the threads and topics we have discussed over the
semester and argue for how your chosen piece or tradition interacts with one or multiple of them.
There are no limits on your choice of piece/tradition, except that it should be different
from what you wrote about for the previous writing assignment. Unlike the previous paper, this
assignment is not a “close listening” one, although you should consider the musical qualities of
what you choose and may include detailed analysis of musical elements if it is relevant to your
argument. If you consult outside sources, you must cite them.
You will receive a score for the paper out of 25: up to 10 points for description and defense of
your musical choice; up to 10 points for your reflections on the class and the connections you
make between your choice and class material; and up to 5 points for composition.
Musical choice – You should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the piece or tradition
that you choose. You must include some musical description and make reference to specific
examples (i.e., specific parts of the piece or specific pieces or performances within the tradition).
The reasons for your choice should be clearly stated and convincingly argued.
You may research whatever you choose. Make sure to footnote any information you take
from a secondary source, but ensure that any quotations you use flow with your text and avoid
quoting too much, as this allows less space for your own voice and thoughts.
Connections to class – You should demonstrate how your musical choice connects to specific
topics or issues we have discussed in the class, e.g., musical representation/expression (of
emotions, ideas, words, narratives, images), text-setting strategies, music and religion, music and
drama, musical form, musical nationalism and exoticism, music and politics, musical complexity
and experimentation, ethics and art etc. You are also required to reference at least two pieces or
readings we have considered in the class. Credit will be given for creative and convincing
connections. You may, if you wish, share your thoughts about the project of Music Humanities
as a whole. You can frame your choice as either a neat addition to the syllabus or some sort of
Composition – Your paper should be clearly expressed, argument-driven, and structured. See
also the prompt for the first paper for further guidance.
Length: 1200-1600 words. It’s fine if you go slightly over, but you must hit the minimum.
Upload your paper onto Courseworks as a word document of PDF. If I am not able to
access the document, I will not consider it submitted. Please double space.
Since I am not asking you to submit this paper on Mediathread, you will not be
embedding selections into the paper. However, you should provide links to pieces you discuss
and clearly identify the title and artist.

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