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My Anticipated Career Path

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Our life paths change as life happens, so plans we make today are usually subject to adjustment and change. Ponder your own career path as you see it today, and create a PowerPoint presentation with at least seven slides detailing your anticipated career path. Include in this assignment:

A very brief summary of the role and scope of your future practice as outlined by the Nurse Practice Act and the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

How do your values as an individual play a role in your anticipated future nursing role? (My future role is a Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health)

What do you anticipate may be the obstacles to reaching your goal?

How do you anticipate impacting the nursing profession through your work with clients, other nurses, health professionals and the general public in your future role as an BSN or higher degreed nurse.

Include at least one peer-reviewed reference.

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