Topic: Native American Paper


Conduct an interview with a Native American leader about their view of leadership.

Here are some suggested questions (you can ask questions beyond this suggested list):

Explore their personal history and developing philosophy of leadership. Explore what they think are the most important aspects of being an effective supervisor and being effectively supervised. What role has their strengths played in their success? How do they structure their days and determine their priorities? What role does inspiration play in their jobs? How do they balance work and other life responsibilities? How do they lead his or her self? What role does culture play in leadership? How was a crisis in their organization handled? What are their perceptions of being a Native American leader and a leader in the Western world? Are their differences, and if so how have they navigated the differences and been successful? What suggestions do they have for up and coming Native leaders?

By Sunday, 11:59pm University time, write a 750-1000 word scholarly paper answering the prompts below. With each response, describe the influence of culture. Please use Level II APA headings to identify which prompts you are addressing. Please use all of the assigned readings and at least two additional resources beyond the required readings. APA style writing and citation is expected.
(Required) Based on what you have read so far and what you learned from your interview with a Native leader, how do you define success?

(Pick two of the next three)
What role does strengths play in success?
What role does competition play in success?
What role does networking play in success?

(Required) Based on the interview, your experience or your perspective from the readings, how do Native American tribal organizations define success? How do you know this is true?
APA style writing and citation is expected.

20 points (see Writing Assignment Rubric)

Learning Outcomes

4. Prioritizing-The student will be examine the relationship between time-management, vision, mission, and activity and aligning initiatives with institutional goals and objectives.

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