Topic: Natural sciences Test results assignments

When complete submit via the assignment folder.
1.Obtain an unknown data file from the course content
2.Record your unknown number on the document “unknown biochemical virtual activity”
3.There are 20 tests record the names of the tests in the “unknown biochemical virtual activity” in the first column
4.Record the purpose of the test in the second column (example to determine the breakdown of protein or determine if the bacteria can breakdown red blood cells)
5.Describe the test results for each in the appropriate location of the “unknown biochemical virtual activity”.
6.Determine the meaning of the test results in the 4th column of the “unknown biochemical virtualactivity”. Record if this means that the test is positive or negative for breakdown of fat or bacteria has flagella).
7.Use your notes, the internet or the lab manual as needed.
8.To determine the genus and species of your unknown use the test result grid. Compare your results to the ones on the sheet and you should be able to determine your unknown. YOUR UNKNOWN IS ON THE LIST.
9.Write a short description of your bacterium to conclude the activity.
Hints for reading the grid.
1.If there is a V the test results for the bacteria are not consistent. This is not a test that is useful for this bacterium.
2.If the space is blank this is not a good test for this bacterium it is either negative or not used for this species

Pages: 2 Double spaced(550 words)
Style and sources: Not Applicable, No sources
Free extras: Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: College
Assignment type: Report
Subject: Natural Sciences
Language: US

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