Topic: Naturalistic observation termpaper


observation of a child between 0 and 13 years of age. Find a setting in which you can unobtrusively observe this child. Your observation should last approximately 15 minutes.

Possible settings for this observation include playgrounds, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, at home, on the subway, or in a park. Due to the social distancing rule, as an alternative, a movie clip, TV show or you tube clip can be observed instead.

Observe the child for 15 minutes and take into account (by writing detailed field notes) their motor skills and activities, social interactions, language use and development, disciplinary episodes, play behaviors, affect, etc.

Be sure to provide a desсrіption of the setting in which this observation took place as well as a desсrіption of who the child was with during the observation (e.g., caretaker, siblings, peers, etc.

Based on the naturalistic observation notes that you took, write 2 pages discussing the setting in which you observed, noting the approximate age of the child, the child’s gender, and the types of behaviors that you observed. Using concepts from the text (children 14 edition by Santrock), at least one RESEARCH ARTICLE (making sure to include citations), and your knowledge of child development, explain the factors that contribute to the child’s development.

Choose 2 or 3 behaviors that you find most interesting and compare and contrast them to how someone your age would act in the same situation. What is different (aside from your ages) about you and the child that could explain the behavior you chose to focus on?

Then, compare and contrast the child’s actions with your own and why they may be different. Again, try to link these differences to concepts in the text (e.g., What do we know about cognitive development at a certain developmental period and how might this impact the behavior you observed?).

Include a final paragraph on what your observations suggest in terms of topics in human development. This assignment should be APA style.

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