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Students area required to attend the NCLEX Live Review hosted by Campus Academic Team (or as directed by course faculty).

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to assess their performance on previous Content Mastery Series Assessment as well as NR446 Module Assessments, reflect on areas of opportunity and identify strategies to promote NCLEX-RN success. All previous assessments provide the student with identified areas of strengths and areas of opportunities. The analysis will allow the student the opportunity to identify and prioritize trended learning needs and learning strategies to improve knowledge and performance.

Based on individual performance on ATI Content Master Series (CMS) and ATI Capstone Assessments (NR446), prioritize the top five (5) concepts (topics) of greatest opportunity.

For each identified topics, identify two (2) learning strategies that you plan to address.

Reflection: Using at least 200 words, describe how you will utilize knowledge and strategies obtained throughout the curriculum to prepare for the Predictor and/or NCLEX-RN. Include one statement of advice you would share with another student to help prepare for the ATI NCLEX Predictor.

Total Possible Points: 50

NOTE: The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment. This assignment requires correct grammar and punctuation. The assignment can be entered directly into Canvas dropbox. A file upload is not required.

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