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“If a negotiator pursues an integrative strategy without regard to the other’s strategy, then the other may manipulate and exploit the collaborator and take advantage of the good faith and good will being demonstrated.” (Lewicki, Barry & Saunders)

In the light of the above, write an essay evaluating various strategies and tactics used by negotiators taking into account the following.

a. An evaluation of integrative negotiation from distributive bargaining.

b. An explanation of the role of strategies and tactics in the process of negotiation.

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Topic: Governance, Risk and Compliance law essay

All parts of the questions can be answered in relation to a jurisdiction with which you
are familiar.
The name of the jurisdiction you have selected should be clearly stated in your
Answer all parts of the questions.
Question 1
Should regulated firms always try to operate only just within regulatory and legal boundaries
to maximise profits, or should they strive to do the right thing consistently, even if this is at the
cost of commercial gains and demands within the business?
Consider the two approaches posed in the above question and discuss them in the context of
the resulting impact on a firm’s governance, risk and compliance activities, supporting your
views with appropriate examples.
(25 marks)

Question 2
a) Provide a definition of corporate governance and explain why you believe it to be a
useful definition.
(5 marks)
b) Identify five core elements or principles of effective corporate governance and explain
why each is important and to whom it is important.
(10 marks)
c) Provide an example of a failure in corporate governance, briefly explaining what
happened, the consequences for the organisation involved and the lessons that could
be learned from the failure.
(10 marks)
Total 25 marks

Question 3
Explain how and why an individual’s professional behaviour is a key component of a robust
ethical culture and the achievement of a firm’s corporate values.
Support your analysis with examples from a firm operating in a regulated sector and
jurisdiction of your choice and illustrate how the principles of professional ethical behaviour
can be reflected in the firm’s processes and procedures.
(25 marks)
International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance – Assignment 2 – 27 June 2022
3 ICAA649

Question 4
IntOrg (IO) is a firm regulated in a jurisdiction and sector of your choice. It has a national
network of offices. IO’s senior management believe that it has solid and close relationships
with its customers and that it’s customer services processes are effective.
Historically, customers of IO have made few complaints and, when they have done so, a very
conservative and defensive approach has been adopted in dealing with them. The firm’s head
of legal has overall responsibility for complaints management and has encouraged this
defensive attitude. The executive board of IO take very little day-to-day interest in complaints,
leaving matters entirely up to him.
The internal organisation of IO has not changed for many years. It is very formal and
hierarchical. There is little informal interaction between different areas of the organisation, with
relationships predominantly focusing on business interactions. Though efforts have been
made to change this recently, following the appointment of some new senior staff, the
hierarchical approach is encouraged by many senior managers, who prefer a more formal
style, viewing this as more ‘professional’ and supportive of IO’s business objectives.
In line with the general business approach within IO, there is little contact or effective means
of feedback between those handling complaints and other areas of the business, such as
customer service, risk management and product design.
Key management information shows that there has been a slow, but steady, decline in
revenues at IO over recent years. It is apparent from the information available that this is
largely attributable to falls in repeat business and reductions in new business, reflecting a
poor service culture that has clearly contributed to customers’ taking their business
Identify the main issues with the existing procedures in place and highlight instances where
the attitude and approach of the various stakeholders at IO would cause you, as a GRC
professional, concern. Explain why you believe these matters to be of concern and what the
potential consequences for IO could be if they continue, supporting your answer with
appropriate examples and evidence.
(25 marks)
Total 100 marks

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