Topic: Non-Verbal Communication: The Bird

Non-Verbal Communication: The Birds

100 points


In this Non-Verbal Communication five-minute mini-lesson example, there is no dialogue in the traditional sense. You can still understand how the characters are feeling, just by listening to their voice tone and observing their body language. Although this movie has no spoken parts, it reveals the power of non-verbal communication. Important Note:  Please do not align the chapter pages in our textbook with those referred to by the student narrator of this video.

REVIEW TERMS the following non-verbal communications terms in the course textbook prior to beginning this assignment:

  • Proxemics
  • Physical Appearance
  • Kinesics
  • Vocalics
  • Haptics
  • Chronemics

CLICK the following YouTube link to view and examine the Pixar short film For the Birds (4:59).


So often when we communicate, we think more about WHAT we’re trying to say to the other person, when really, we need to think about HOW we say it to the other person.

A lot of good ideas in arguments / tough conversations get lost because we are distracted by how angry the other person is saying these words. We feel attacked. We infer meaning beyond just the actual words being said.


Please respond in detail and complete sentences to the following questions from your personal perspective in 150-250 words for each; single spaced, and in numerical order, as listed. Incorporate the abovementioned REVIEW TERMS into your responses as they relate to your response.

  1. In what ways have you personally seen yourself in the Pixar short film? 20pts
  2. Describe the actual situation or moment in which you saw yourself?  20pts
    1. Choose three (3) from the six (6) abovementioned REVIEW TERMS to describe the situation or moment in detail based on the same question.
  3. Did you send a negative or positive message?  What was that message? 20pts
  4. How did the receiver react to your message?  20pts
  5. In what ways could you become a better non-verbal communicator? 20pts

SUBMIT a MicrosoftWord.doc

  • Format and submit this assignment in the numerical format shown above by using a number for each non-verbal term and/or situation/moment.
    • No four-line header; only name in header, and single spaced.
    • Upload into the “Assignments” portal.

Minimum Required Responses to Questions:  5

Points Possible: 100

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