Topic: Nursing Code of Ethics and Ethical Principles


Answer the following questions citing provided readings, within one APA paper, to address the following (1-4):
1. Read the Case Presentation (in 4th Edition) in Burkhardt & Nathaniel. This is in Chapter 3, and is titled “Noncompliance vs Autonomy” and apply to:
a. What does Autonomy mean to you?
b. Discuss a minimum of two provisions from the ANA Code of Ethics and Interpretative Statements that would offer nurse guidance in this case – to ensure that Cora’s autonomy was respected.
2. Read the Case Presentation (in 4th Edition) in Burkhardt & Nathaniel. This is in Chapter 3, the case presentation entitled “Beneficence and Nonmaleficence” and apply to and answer questions a-c below.
a. Discuss your thoughts as to whether or not the patient was harmed by the nothing by mouth (NPO) order? (Have you ever had a patient with severe thirst, or experienced that feeling yourself?)
b. In your opinion what should have taken precedence – the NPO order or the patient’s thirst?
c. What ethical principles (Ch 3 in Burkhardt) are relevant in this case other than beneficence & nonmaleficence?
3. Read the Case Presentation, “Trying to Be Heard” in Chapter 7, in Burkhardt & Nathaniel. It is the last case study in Chapter 7; apply to and discuss a-c below:
a. Does the ANA Code of Ethics, Provision Three (in particular, read 3.4 in its entirety) offer any guidance for the nurse? Why or why not?
b. Were the nurse’s actions sufficient in this situation?
c. Read the article titled, “Pathways to Moral Courage” and apply the “CODE” analysis to the facts of Joanna’s case to determine if a different outcome was possible. Apply each letter of the acronym CODE to the facts of this case.
4. After reading the 2 articles about Placebos, please address:
a. Discuss both articles and then argue for or against the use of placebos. Include in your discussion a minimum of two applicable ethical principles, e.g. autonomy, beneficence, etc.
b. Discuss what provisions of the ANA Code of Ethics offer guidance on the topic of using placebos in health care. The focus of this discussion should not be on the Code of Ethics provisions that apply to clinical trials.

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