Topic: Nursing/ Nutrition for HIV/AIDS patients

Incorporating Nutritional Health Plan


The paper is worth 100 points or 10% of the overall course grade.

Choose one area of interest from the following topics:

  • cancer
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • celiac disease
  • diabetes mellitus
  • kidney disorder

Present the identified disorder or disease process and discuss need for nutritional support. Discuss elements of a dietary assessment for the chosen disorder or need and present a plan for meeting nutritional needs including patient teaching, patient and family/caregiver support, and available resources. Include expected patient outcomes. Review the grading rubric below for required elements of the paper. Submit the paper by 11:59 PM MT Sunday of week 7.

This assignment focuses on:

CO3        Assess nutritional requirements for diverse patient populations including development level, health status, gender, cultural diversity, and belief systems (PO7)

                Key Concepts: Patient teaching and support

CO6        Evaluate examples of nursing research and scientific inquiry in the area of nutrition to provide care and improve patient outcomes (PO3)

Key Concepts: Therapeutic diet

 Role of family and support for individuals with nutritional needs


  1. Paper must contain a title and reference page in APA 6th edition format.
  2. The body of the paper must be 3-5 pages in length (this is excluding the title and reference pages)
  3. Choose one area of interest from the following topics:
  4. cancer
  5. cardiovascular disorders
  6. celiac disease
  7. diabetes mellitus
  9. kidney disorder
  10. Identify the disease or disorder and summarize nutritional needs and recommendations for patients with the disease or disorder.
  11. Discuss at least three elements of a dietary assessment for the chosen disorder.
  12. Plan four nutritional interventions to include:
    1. Nutrition therapy or therapeutic diet
    1. Patient and/or family or caregiver teaching
    1. Support available to assist the patient and/or family or caregiver. What is available locally, such as support groups, continued nutritional teaching or support.
    1. Resources available to assist the patient and/or family or caregiver. National or local resources to provide nutritional guidance.
  13. Describe at least three expected patient outcomes as a result of following the nutritional plan of care.
  14. Support your paper with at least 2 current (within the past 5 years) scholarly resources.
  15. APA 6th edition format required

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