Topic: Obedience & Compliance psychology essay


II. TYPE a 2 page (minimum) to 3 page (maximum), double-spaced essay addressing the following:

Discuss factors that influenced the high rates of obedience in Milgram’s experiments. What was your personal reaction to this experiment and its results?
Do you think you would have obeyed if you were in that situation? How actively do you question authority? Has there ever been a time when you did something you didn’t want to, just because someone told you to?
What have psychologists learned about compliance? Give an example of a compliance technique.
What role do obedience and compliance play in society? Think in terms of both positive and negative aspects.

Always integrate at least 3 paraphrased concepts, terms, or facts from the current TEXTBOOK readings in your assignments.
Always include APA in-text citations after information that is not your own original idea or opinion. Include the authors’ last names and year of publication (add page number if it is a direct quote).

ie. Research using animals or humans must be approved by an Institutional Review Board (Licht et al., 2019).

BEGIN with an APA Title page and END with an APA Reference page.


Assistive Technology. (2015, July 2). Milgram experiment. Big history NL threshold 6. [Video]. YouTube.

Licht, D., Hull, M., & Ballantyne, C. (2019). Presenting psychology (2nd ed.). Worth Publishers.

WATCH VIDEO:Milgram Experiment Big History NL, threshold 6

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